“Journalism photography”

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"Kapal Layar"

“Kapal Layar”



Kubur hantu loncat

“Kubur Hantu Loncat”

"Masjid Kristal"

“Masjid Kristal”

"Muzium Terengganu"

“Muzium Terengganu”



"Simple capati"

“Simple capati”







"Penempatan si perantau"

“Penempatan si perantau”



"Titian maut"

“Titian maut”

"Tip of borneo"

“Tip of borneo”

"Gagak di rimba"

“Gagak di rimba”

"Air mutlak"

“Air mutlak”

"Melaka planetarium"

“Melaka planetarium”

"Keharmonian hidup"

“Keharmonian hidup”





Old Architecture at KL

“Old Architecture at KL”

Confirm cool!

“Confirm cool!”

The Garden Building

“The Garden Building”



"Jalan je..."

“Jalan je…”

"Sudut termenung"

“Sudut termenung”

"Meniti liku"

“Meniti liku”

"Mandi pagi"

“Mandi pagi”

"Perjalanan pergi"

“Perjalanan pergi”

"Model jalanan"

“Model jalanan”

"Tangga bukit"

“Tangga bukit”

"water mirror"

“Water mirror”





"Dua alam"

“Dua alam”

"rezeki pagi"

“rezeki pagi”

"Mencari makanan"

“Mencari makanan”

"Waiting for someone"

“Waiting for someone”







"Cahaya Diri"

“Cahaya Diri”

"Briged of Putrajaya"

“Briged of Putrajaya”

"Bulevard of Putrajaya"

“Boulevard of Putrajaya”

"Hasil Bumi Malaya"

“Hasil Bumi Malaya”

"Ciptaan Nya"

“Ciptaan Nya”